Excellence in Musculoskeletal Imaging

The NOIA Service

Concise, accurate diagnosis - The NOIA mission is to deliver best-in-class musculoskeletal and spine imaging interpretations in a timely, reliable manner to imaging centers and referring physicians.  We are a team of sub-specialized sports medicine and neuroradiologists working together to provide an unsurpassed level of sub-specialty expertise.

NOIA provides a comprehensive diagnostic imaging solution. In addition to providing subspecialty reads and immediate written reports, our business, technical, and operational teams have developed a network of over 90 sites across the United States, and is available to assist our clients as needed.

Diagnostic Interpretations

Interpretations are performed only by full time NOIA partners, all with subspecialty training and years of experience. Stat readings are called, faxed, or emailed to the imaging centers and referring physicians immediately and formal written reports usually delivered the same day. A NOIA radiologist is always available on weekends. The radiologists are readily available on direct lines for consultation.  Since all radiologists work on a common work list, complicated cases are often reviewed by multiple different radiologists before a report is generated. The reports are complete, concise, and accurate as demonstrated in these sample reports.

NOIA has an active quality assurance program and participates in the American College of Radiology RadPeer Program.


Assistance in the identification, design and purchase of technical equipment is available to network clients, along with the institution of set up and support of the teleradiology network.


NOIA has developed optimized scanning sequences which they provide to network clients along with technical training and support for the imaging center staff.  NOIA also has network purchasing contracts saving money on contrast and supplies for network centers.


The NOIA business management team has extensive experience in inter-state licensure, credentialing, billing and other related imaging center business issues.  This support is made available to network centers as part of the NOIA professional services contract.


NOIA radiologists are well known in the orthopedic community and continue to teach and contribute to the radiology and orthopedic literature.  They are available to actively work with network sites to leverage their expertise in helping the centers to enhance musculoskeletal and spine referrals.